The 10 Best Metal & Punk Albums Too Rough for the Texas 30

1. Pantera, Cowboys From Hell (1990)
Cowboys From Hell isn't Pantera's best album, but it is the band's most important. In fact, it may well be the most important Texas metal album of all time. Cowboys crystalized a completely new "groove metal" sound for the group, which got its start as a Van Halen-esque hair-metal outfit. It was the heaviest thing the mainstream had ever seen upon its release.

Behind New Orleans transplant Philip Anselmo's powerful vocals and the histrionic shredding of guitarist "Diamond" (soon to be Dimebag) Darrell Abbot, the record was a resounding breakthrough, taking Pantera from being familiar faces on the Texas metal circuit to certified metal gods. Twenty-two years later, it remains a landmark release in Texas music history.

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The Stickmen With Rayguns - Some People Deserve To Suffer comp is pretty rad. The legend of Bobby Soxx lives on. And I would switch out the Riverboat Gamblers with any Marked Men record. And maybe some MDC. Solid list though.


Thanks. I'm happy with the list I came up with, but the ones you mentioned would probably make the top 30 along with Rigor Mortis and others. 

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