The Top 10 Houston Music Stories of 2012

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HPD car Marco 1217.jpg
Photo by Marco Torres
A HPD car outside Boondocks in February
1. Gimme Noise
Heard any good noise complaints recently? Last year at this time that was all Houston was hearing, as the controversial noise ordinance revision passed by City Council in October 2011 led to widespread squawking all over the music scene. The amended law gave police much greater authority (unfairly, many said) to enforce the law, and led to numerous fines and even jail time for several bars and music venues.\

For a while it seemed like you couldn't go to Boondocks, one of the hardest-hit venues, without seeing a HPD squad car in the parking lot. But miraculously -- thanks, we'd like to think, in some small part to our May cover story "Sound Effects" -- and by this summer most of the cases had been tossed.

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