The Top 10 Houston Music Stories of 2012

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LLD Trae 1220.jpg
@LowLifeDynasty via Twitter
Trae in the hospital after the June 20 shooting
4. The Trae Shooting
Leader of the Assholes by Nature rap family, popular Houston MC Trae tha Truth - as soft-spoken offstage as he is aggressive on it - was wounded in the shoulder while leaving a strip clup in the early morning of June 20; he had performed earlier in the evening at a Juneteenth concert elsewhere. The gunfire killed two members of the ABN inner circle, Dinky D and Poppa C, as well as a 30-year-old Houston woman, and wounded two others.

Police arrested a suspect with a long criminal history about two weeks later, and said they believed Poppa C, real name Coy Thompson, was the target. Thompson had previously been tied to the November 2011 shooting that claimed the life of one of Trae's top lieutenants (and Poppa C's uncle), Dominique Brown aka "Money Clip C." If there's a silver lining in this sad story, it's that Trae was back on his feet in time for July's Trae Day, which he turned into a community fair at Emancipation Park rather than a concert. He returned from touring (including Europe) to perform with cousin Z-Ro at an ABN reunion at House of Blues in November.

Snoop Oct17-thumb-560x373 (1).jpg
Photo by Marco Torres
Snoop Lion-Dogg at FPSF
3. Summer Fest a $14M Big Deal
Headlined by Snoop Dogg Lion, Willie Nelson, the Flaming Lips and an aromatic haze hanging over Eleanor Tinsley Park, Free Press Summer Fest drew an estimated 81,000 people this year, breaking the old record by nearly 25 percent. In October, a University of Houston study commissioned by FPSF founders Free Press Houston and Pegstar Concerts found that the two-day festival brought in about $14 million to the local economy, and that one in four attendees came in from out of town -- a figure that made one of the study's authors tell Rocks Off that the number of cultural tourists coming to Houston for events such as FPSF "may be more than we think."

2. Static
There are so many more sophisticated ways to listen to music without paying for it these days that it's a little puzzling to Rocks Off that two of our biggest stories of the year involved the seemingly lifeless medium of terrestrial FM radio. But both the 103.7 sale/selling out in May and this month's Walton and Johnson flap (which wasn't even really about music) were proof that Rocks Off readers love them some squeaky wheels. There's not much else to say, except to add one more word in support of 89.7 FM, Alvin Community College's "Gulf Coast Rocker" and radio done right.

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