Rocks Off's 10 Best Musical Discoveries of 2012

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NATHAN SMITH: Like most people who weren't there, I was clueless about Houston's early-'90s rock scene until I watched the new documentary When We Ruled H-Town. What I discovered was that this city had an embarrassment of talented bands ripping audiences apart all over town back in the day, many of whom proved they could still slay at the two-night film showcase/reunion at Fitzgerald's. Cool stuff for a rock history buff.

MARCO TORRES: I admit it... I'm a huge nerd. The only radio I listen to is ESPN sports or NPR. My heart skips with joy each time NPR music teaches me about a fancy new genre or reminds me of forgotten artists that I never knew about. I was delighted to hear a report on Latino USA about The Ghetto Brothers.

This Nuyorican gang turned musical group from The Bronx just re-issued their 1971 album Power Fuerza, an equal-parts hip-hop/jazz/funk/doo-wop/Latin-rock masterpiece. I plug this into my Spotify playlists, turn up the volume, and imagine myself in NYC at the birth of the hip-hop movement that I so dearly love.

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Oh, and you guys did a write up on him, but if anybody is looking for some good guitar rock, look up Monte Pittman. His second album, Pain, Love & Destiny is amazing, and the third is shaping up to be the same.

WestSideBob topcommenter

Donald Fagen putting out a new CD ... Sunken Condos.  Earlimart, and Cage the Elephant too.

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