Rocks Off's 10 Best Musical Discoveries of 2012

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CRAIG HLAVATY: Not ashamed to say it, but I bought a lot of Grateful Dead vinyl this year, after getting Sirius XM in my girlfriend's car and discovering the deadicated (wink) Dead channel. The reissue of The Grateful Dead Movie on DVD and BluRay that spurred than on as well.

MATTHEW KEEVER: Macklemore. You're probably all getting tired of "Thrift Shop" by now, but compared to the rest of the music played on mainstream radio, this song has got to be a breath of fresh air. And it isn't even a good representation of the rest of his music, either. Check out "Otherside," "Can't Hold Us" or "The Town" if you want to hear what this Seattle-based rapper is all about. I'm just glad a friend told me about him before he came through town.

CHRISTINA LYNN: For me it was Someday by Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles -- nice little side project.

SHEA SERRANO: The Outfit, Tx. They might be geniuses.

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Oh, and you guys did a write up on him, but if anybody is looking for some good guitar rock, look up Monte Pittman. His second album, Pain, Love & Destiny is amazing, and the third is shaping up to be the same.

WestSideBob topcommenter

Donald Fagen putting out a new CD ... Sunken Condos.  Earlimart, and Cage the Elephant too.

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