10 Songs Still Missing From Spotify & What You Can Listen to Instead

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7. "In Your Eyes," Peter Gabriel
For some reason Peter Gabriel never struck me as a guy who cared much about streaming royalties, but the lack of his music on the service says otherwise. You're not going to be streaming this song off a phone connected to a boom box to impress the love of your life unless you're cool with the Live Blood version of the track.

6. "Du Hast," Rammstein
I learned this one the hard way back when I was prepping to review the band's show at the Toyota Center. While there's no version of the song, live or otherwise, on Spotify by the group themselves, there is one by Volkerball, the world's premiere Rammstein cover band. Or so I assume -- they don't strike me as a group that has a whole lot of cover bands.

5. "Thunderstruck," AC/DC
They may have given into the forces over at Apple, but AC/DC have yet to license out a single track they've ever recorded to Spotify. So what do you listen to when you want to get pumped up and the AC/DC original isn't available? You listen to "Thunderstruck" by Thunderstruck from the album Thunderstruck. Duh.

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Also missing the original Chiquillada, Lil Flips 2 Sucka Free albums, and Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggs 1st single.

NickLucchesi moderator communitymanager

Also there's no Metallica. The occasional over-caffeinated Friday morning when I could really use a spin through Master of Puppets, I am left clicking over to Celtic Frost or some such other band.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

What a crap list of neo frat boy dreck; the fact you consider some of this music....

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