Houston's Best Underground Rap Tapes of 2012, Most Assuredly (Pt. 1)

8. Doughbeezy, Blue Magic
"I ain't gotta sell dope, people purchase me"
-- Doughbeezy, making maybe the most insightful statement of 2012

Doughbeezy has become Houston's ARCH-HUSTLER, more an all-around experience than solely a rapper. He appears to actively hunt fame and recognition, singularly driven and superheroically inspired. (If one day we all come to find out that he's powered by some sort of nuclear reactor that's been implanted in his chest, I don't imagine anyone will be too surprised.)

It doesn't seem unreasonable to conclude that if he were banned from rapping, he'd just do the shit out of something else until people started giving him lots of money to do so. It's remarkable, really. That said, HE IS STILL A GODDAMN MONSTER RAPPER, and the hearty, imaginative Blue Magic was nearly twice as good as his last tape, Reggie Bush and Kool-Aid. His fame seems inevitable, sure. But at this point, so too is his talent.

Numbers 7-1 tomorrow.

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