The 10 Worst Holiday Cover Songs Ever

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2. Miley Cyrus: "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"

Rocks Off will save the diatribe we've all heard about pop music being a corporate product, groomed and formulated for maximum return on investment. We will spare you the familiar hand-wringing on how the commercialization of Christmas is removing the soul of the holiday, as if that wasn't already happening 60 years ago. We don't feel like either topic needs any further exposition. What we will do is leave this YouTube video here, making any and all future discussions unnecessary. We apologize in advance for ruining your holiday, "Punkin."

1. Justin Bieber: "Little Drummer Boy"

"Little Drummer Boy," a droning monstrosity in and of itself, has been covered by a laundry list of artists so terrible, Rocks Off could crank out a list of the 50 worst versions fairly easily. This hulking pile of Autotuned, candy-coated Bieber bullshit is the very worst among them, handily beating out the likes of Sean Kingston and the Cranberries.

Just when you think the song couldn't possibly get any worse, Busta Ryhmes cashes in his very last favor for a waning shot at reclaiming validity and like some sort of horrible reverse-Christmas miracle, the song actually gets worse. If this doesn't make you want to burn the entire concept of Christmas to the ground, nothing will. For the rest of you, I apologize for subjecting you to unarguably the worst Christmas song ever.

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Jesus that Blenders song is depressing, it’s like spending Christmas Eve in a Holiday Inn in Parsons Kansas.

Robert Medlin
Robert Medlin

Everyone I know is getting a copy of that August Burns Red CD.

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