The Texas 30: Texas' 10 Best Rap Albums

Ghetto Dreams 1214.jpg
4. Fat Pat, Ghetto Dreams (1998)
The legend that never was: Fat Pat delivered Ghetto Dreams posthumously, teasing at what promised to be a gargantuan rap career. He is a deity in Houston, and that's great, but his reach absolutely should've extended past Beltway 8.

3. Scarface, The Diary (1994)
The greatest album from the Geto Boys' greatest talent. The Fix might be prettier and more star-studded, but that's precisely why this one wins out.

2. Geto Boys, We Can't Be Stopped (1991)
The first legitimate success of the Rap-a-Lot era, We Can't Be Stopped eventually aged to become the what many consider to be the most important album in Southern rap's history.

1. UGK, Ridin' Dirty (1996)
Of course the hyperultimate Texas rap group gives us the hyperultimate album. Everything about it is gloriously glorious. It sounds as trenchant and important as it did in 1996 (and maybe even moreso).

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The Leprechaun - Lil' Flip

Get Ya Mind Correct - Paul Wall & Chamillionaire

Hustle Town - SPM (no disrespect to Pat, but if you lived in Houston in the late 90's, you know who got the most run)

The Fix - Scarface (a list of this kind shouldn't be hindered by a one-album-per-artist limit)

Underground Kingz - UGK (see above)

The Healing - Strange Fruit Project

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