The Texas 30: Texas' 10 Best Rap Albums

Keke 1214.jpg
7. Lil Keke, Don't Mess Wit Texas (1997)
Lil Keke is the mouthy, mouthy king of synonyms, and maybe the most sampled-from artist in Texas. (His voice was crafted to be slowed down.) Don't Mess Wit Texas's overall greatness has always been usurped by the unbeatable hit "Southside."

6. Devin the Dude, Just Tryin' Ta Live (2002)
Genius described as aw-shucks, Devin slips into the Top 10 as nonchalantly and effortlessly as he exists in the universe. No rapper has ever slinked around the cosmos with more unhurried grace.

5. Willie D, Controversy (1989)
The template for the hard-dragging, confrontational rap albums that followed.

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The Leprechaun - Lil' Flip

Get Ya Mind Correct - Paul Wall & Chamillionaire

Hustle Town - SPM (no disrespect to Pat, but if you lived in Houston in the late 90's, you know who got the most run)

The Fix - Scarface (a list of this kind shouldn't be hindered by a one-album-per-artist limit)

Underground Kingz - UGK (see above)

The Healing - Strange Fruit Project

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