The Texas 30: Texas' 10 Best Rap Albums

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Texas rap has played no small part in hip-hop's history. More specifically, Houston (and of course P.A.) rap has played no small part in hip-hop's history. (There are other cities in Texas, I hear, though with the exception of Dallas's brief swag-based blip, they've, to this point, remained largely invisible on a national scale.)


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There's been The Geto Boys, Rap-a-Lot, UGK, the 2005 boom, the titans that preceded the 2005 boom, etc. Finding albums to rate the best has never been a problem. Actually rating them though, that's something completely separate.

However, after about 1 million hours of arguing and about 2 million emails, this is it: These are the ten greatest Texas rap albums that ever existed.

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10. Z-Ro, Let the Truth Be Told (2005)
Z-Ro's life seems like it was written by Shakespeare. This album seems like it was written by Zeus. Even trade, I suppose.


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9. DJ Screw, 3 'N The Mornin' (1995)
Do you really need an explanation for why a DJ Screw album is important? Do you even have ears?

8. E.S.G., Ocean of Funk (1994)
Ocean of Funk was actually the very first album to prominently feature a Screwed song. Yet another reason to argue the perpetual underappreciation of E.S.G.

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The Leprechaun - Lil' Flip

Get Ya Mind Correct - Paul Wall & Chamillionaire

Hustle Town - SPM (no disrespect to Pat, but if you lived in Houston in the late 90's, you know who got the most run)

The Fix - Scarface (a list of this kind shouldn't be hindered by a one-album-per-artist limit)

Underground Kingz - UGK (see above)

The Healing - Strange Fruit Project

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