Serrano's Rap Coloring Book to Become Actual Book

Tupac 1207.jpg
Images courtesy of Shea Serrano
Tupac's connect-the-dots headband "Because he's Tupac and I am a human with feelings and ears, so that means I love Tupac, obvs," says Serrano.
Some weeks ago, Rocks Off told you that one of our writers, Shea Serrano, had constructed a Tumblr featuring his drawings of various rappers and curated by the King of the Trill, Bun B, called the "Rap Coloring Book." We were proud of him then (we always are), but we're even more proud of Shea now. This week he told us that Abrams Books -- a real honest-to-God publishing house -- has agreed to publish his "Rap Coloring Book" on real, dead-tree paper at the end of 2013. Most of it, he tells us, will be all-new stuff.

How awesome is that? Now people can actually color Shea's coloring book. We had to ask how he felt about it, and he sent back the following typically Serranoesque quote full of humility and humor.

I'm very proud, of course. I mean, we started the tumblr hoping it would eventually get published but there are a million sites out there trying to do exactly that, y'know. And plus, we only started the site in the middle of October, which is kind of crazy to think about too.

I don't know. It's a lot. I'm just glad. The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint or let down Bun B on my end. That guy is an all-time great, and has had an undeniable effect on hip-hop culture. Plus, he's a businessman, so he probably would've absolutely dismantled me in a public forum if I'd screwed something up with his name attached to it.

We doubt that will happen. We also asked She to send over a few of his favorite Tumblr "pages," and tell us why he chose them. Enjoy.

DannyBrown 1207.jpg
Danny Brown: "He started using it as his avatar on Twitter."

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