Rocks Off's 10(ish) Favorite Local Albums of 2012

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SHEA SERRANO: I suspect it's The Niceguys' James Kelley, though I may be wrong. It might be Dustin Prestige's Plaid or Delo's HP3 or Le$'s Struggle... or The Outfit's SS&R or Killa's WTTFF or Undergravity's Underdawgs or one of about seven others.

NATHAN SMITH: My vote goes to the Linus Pauling Quartet's Bag of Hammers (right). In addition to featuring the year's best cover art, it's chock-full of heavy, stoney grooves that sound equally great live and blasting out of the stock speakers of a used car.

MARCO TORRES: Grandfather Child's Grandfather Child -- another case of an underappreciated talent who flew under the our radar but were later signed and hopefully on to bigger and better horizons. Even after seeing them live more than a few times over the last two years, I never expected their self-titled debut to rattle me the way it did.

The combination of the tearfully sweet wine of Lucas Gorham's lap-steel guitar and the country-blues vocals makes this album top-notch. My favorite tracks are "Can't Seem To Forget" (that breakdown is downright killer!) and "Magical Words."

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WhiteLightning topcommenter

Blasphemy, Chris Gray. You didn't pick some disposable hipster shite record for album of the year? "Just to remind all you kids out there -- he said, shaking his cane from the front porch -- that there is a scene out there far, far away from Mango's, Walters and Fitzgerald's." More blasphemy. Shame on you for not "supporting the scene." And shame on your for suggesting that a woman who sang with Louis Armstrong might've released the best album in Houston this year. Hell, she probably doesn't even know where Mango's is. Chris, please turn in your hipster badge now.


I'm really glad Craig gave it to Gen in his article, because I would have loved to mention that one too.

Creg Lovett
Creg Lovett

Dang. I wish I'd answered this one. This is a good, good list.


Did we all manage to pick different albums? Go team!

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