Rocks Off's 10 Biggest Musical Disappointments of 2012

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BoonsJan 1211.jpg
Photo by Marco Torres
Trouble outside Boondocks this past January
MARCO TORRES: My biggest disappointment of 2012 was Chapter 30 of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances, which deals with noise and sound regulation. Late last year, in response to an alleged increase of noise complaints, the Houston City Council passed amendments to the noise ordinance that allowed police officers to write tickets and arrest individuals without the aid of a decibel reader. This caused thousands of dollars worth of fines, unnecessary jail time, and the waste of city resources.

Although a few clubs such as Fitzgerald's and Boondocks have taken measures to insulate and regulate their sound pollution, the ordinance caused a temporary deterioration in the city's music scene. All of the court cases were eventually dismissed.

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LOL @ someone having real expectations for Odd Future.

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