5 Movies That Used the Power of Rock to Slay Demons

1. Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare
Also known as The Edge of Hell, which is coincidentally where I would rather be than sit through this entire movie with the cast of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 to make it bearable. Jon Mikl Thor is what would happen if someone grafted Bonnie Tyler's head onto Scott Steiner's body, and his directing skills make Charles Band look like Wes Craven.

The film follows a rock band named Triton that accidentally summons a demon with the heaviness of their metal, causing all manner of death and dismemberment. It turns out though that the whole movie was simply a ruse, because Thor is really the embodiment of the archangel Triton, who concocted the whole scenario as an illusion to order to lure Satan into the most homoerotic battle this side of Eric Massa's tickle fights.

Never before has a movie made someone long for the production values and subtle story-telling ability of Suburban Commando.

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