5 Movies That Used the Power of Rock to Slay Demons

3. Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park
Ah, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. When Britney Spears made Crossroads, she surely knew one thing that saw her through it, that no matter how bad a film it might be it could not be worse than this horrible, horrible vanity project. The film came out so bad that people in the Kiss offices were forbidden to mention it in the band's presence.

It all comes down to the second dumbest rock-and-roll fight scene in history (We'll get there). As a crowd of Kiss fans look on, Kiss is forced to battle their robotic dopplegangers in a skirmish that looks like someone had the bright idea of combining bum-fighting with Kabuki Theater. Luckily, Gene Simmons summons demonic hellfire to turn the tide of war, in addition to Paul being able to reflect his double's eye-lasers with his reflective guitar.

2. Rock & Rule
Rock & Rule is one of the greatest movies ever made, and the fact that is wasn't a hit when it came out in America in 1983 just proves that we are a stupid, stupid country. Featuring the voices and songs of people like Lou Reed, Cheap Trick and Debbie Harry, the movie takes place in a world where nuclear war killed all the humans and the anthropomorphized descendants of dogs, cats, and rats now dominate.

A Bowie-esque rock star named Mok wants to summon a demon to control the world, but he needs the perfect voice to complete the spell. He lures away Angel, a keyboardist in a local band, for this purpose and forces her to sing until the demon makes an appearance. Just as Mok is ready to claim victory, Angel's boyfriend and bandmate Omar joins her in a duet that reverses the spell.

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