5 Movies That Used the Power of Rock to Slay Demons

I have it on very good and not at all fruitcaked authority that rock and roll is the devil's music. It corrupts the minds of young people, turning them all into savages that breed and destroy in an orgy of murder-boinking that caused the end of the America we all remember so well. Or, you know, not because I just made that up.

Still, I think that even rock's most vocal supporters would be willing to admit that darkness has always been a pretty integral part of the genre. Darkness is cool, always has been. That's why we have parties at night.

While that may be the case, the movie industry has occasionally enlisted rock and roll as demonslayers, and today we celebrate the top five instances where only the power of rock itself was awesome enough to beat back evil.

5. Six String Samurai
Lance Mungia put together an impossibly awesome post-apocalyptic film that combined rock and swordsmanship in a way that has never been equaled. In Six String Samurai, the King Elvis of Lost Vegas, the last holdout of American civilization after the Soviets nuked the country in 1957, has died. Musicians/warriors from all over journey to the city in order to seek the throne, but one of the seekers in none other than Death himself.

All that stands in his way is Buddy, the Six String Samurai. He battles Death in an epic duel of guitar licks that quickly degenerates into a swordfight. Though neither the protective power of Buddy's superior chops nor his expert fencing skills are enough to save him in the end, the fight distracts Death long enough for the young orphan Buddy was protecting to get close enough to end Death's existence with... a bottle of water.

Man, this film was a lot better back when I only got three hours of sleep a night.

4. Wild Zero
Zombies are invading! From space (Just go with it, OK?) What weapon are you going to use to defend yourself? A shotgun? Machete? Daryl Dixon? Oops, you're dead, because you didn't know that the answer was rock and roll.

In Wild Zero, Japan (Did I need to mention that?) is under siege by space ghouls, but luckily rock superstar Guitar Wolf can harness magic powers that are better than any silly gun just by screaming "Rock and Roll!" In that clip above, in case you hate fun and just skipped it, the magic allows Wolf to machine-gun guitar picks through the heads of zombies. He can also use it to teleport, form giant lightsabres, and just in general control the fabric of the universe through master shredding.

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