Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Set To Induct Rush, Heart, Donna Summer, And Public Enemy

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Photo By Groovehouse
Rush at the Toyota Center earlier this month.
Today the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland announced their 2013 class of inductees. Public Enemy, Donna Summer, Heart, Albert King, Randy Newman, and longtime jilted proggers Rush have all made the cut.

The star-studded ceremony is set for April 18 in Los Angeles.

REWIND: Last Night: Rush at Toyota Center

This a coup for Rush fans, who have been shut-out for way too long. Sadly, Kraftwerk and N.W.A didn't go in this year, but there is always next year and the ones after that.

Disco mama Summer passed away earlier this year at the age of 63, making her induction a touch bittersweet.

Save for Summer and departed blues legend Albert King, all of 2013's inductees are still touring and recording at a regular clip. Newman turned in a stellar performance just last year at ACL too.

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William Michael Smith
William Michael Smith

OK, one more time slowly: putting any of these people other than Albert in the HoF ahead of Doug Sahm/Sir Douglas Quintet defies all logic and reason. Actually, Doug is too cool to be in there with a lot of those jokers.

Robert Medlin
Robert Medlin

I thought Joan Jett deserves it more over Donna Summer. No disrespect, I love Donna, but JJ's had a longer career & her time with The Runaways was pretty groundbreaking for all future women in rock.

Nue Wayv
Nue Wayv

okay Rush,way overdue, Heart yes, Albert King yes, Randy Newman okay i guess (not really a rocker), Donna Summer no (disco is not rock), Public Enemy no (even though they were rowdy rappers, rap is not rock) the R.A.R.H.F. is such a joke and has been for the last 10 years, if i was in a band i would turn it down.


@William Michael Smith Yes Heart.  In it's heyday, that band kicked nine straight miles of ass.  The band featured two hot sisters, one of whom tore it up on guitar, and one who had probably the most powerful and audacious female voice in all of rock.They totally belong in the Hall, and deserve it far more than the horde of Soul, Rap and R&B artists that have been foisted on the honorees list.

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