Remember Jenni Rivera, Even If You Didn't Know Her

But those aren't the reasons I want to remember Jenni Rivera, anyway. I'd like to think, however far-fetched, that Jenni Rivera's legacy will live as a memory for some young boy who saw his mother through heartache and maybe the other side of hell through song. Maybe Jenni Rivera's music played the same role for him that Mariah Carey's did for me.

Then again, maybe you're not me. Maybe you're a person without connections to Selena, Facebook friends who knew about Jenni Rivera's music and a parental divorce sob story.

Then you should know this: Jenni's music and her unforgiving transparency about her own struggles struck at the heart of her female fans -- those who may have dealt with infidelity and abuse and those who balance their progress and evolution as women with the competing cultural roles and expectations of their heritage.

That's profound because Jenni Rivera sent those empowering and ballsy messages on a stage she wasn't supposed to stand on. She transcended gender walls by bulldozing her way to the forefront of a male-dominated music genre in a community thick with machismo, delivering lyrical firebolts about her frustrations living in a male-dominated world.

That's a beautiful story I think anyone can appreciate, because it's bold, daring and it defied the odds -- hallmarks of the American Dream.

That's enough to remember Jenni Rivera, even if you didn't know her.

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