10 Odd Musical Gift Ideas for the Last Christmas on Earth

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2. DJ Cat Scratching Pad

Does someone close to you own a cat that can't rap for shit? Maybe it's time to nudge Mr. Whiskers in a different direction. Who knows, your loved one's favorite feline may discover a knack for party-rocking on this excruciatingly cute turntable scratchpad. Hip hop already has its fair share of doggs; it's time for the kitties to get in the mix, naw'm sayin'?

Plus, your friends and family will love you even more for helping to ensure that their furniture will no longer be chopped and screwed by Michael "Fluff-thousand" Watts or whatever dumb fucking name they gave their stupid cat.

1. The Flaming Lips' Silver Trembling Fetus Ornament

For those friends and family members whose idea of a holiday tradition is to eat mushrooms and watch A Christmas Story for nine hours straight, the lunatics in the Flaming Lips have devised the perfect stocking stuffer: a three-inch silver trembling fetus ornament for ye olde Tannenbaum. The band is hawking these odd little trinkets on their website.

We're not entirely clear on the significance behind the eye-catching pewter infants, but perhaps the shiny fetus represents the celestial collective consciousness birthed by the group's balls-out performance of Dark Side of the Moon at Free Press Summer Fest. But why it exists is immaterial. Fact is, it's just about the weirdest fucking Christmas decoration that we've ever seen, making it a must-own for any Lips fans on your list.

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you forgot the lungs necklace from florence and the machines website


@Megan Easely Considering how fast it sold out, I imagine we'll be seeing many more bands producing knit jumpers next Christmas.


@NathanSmith @christinalynn its on her website and all it is is a pendant necklace but seriously, who wants to wear lungs on their neck? Not me! I like florence and all but thats just weird and creepy.

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