10 Odd Musical Gift Ideas for the Last Christmas on Earth

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gift drumsticks.jpg

6. Make Your Own Drumsticks Kit

Give a drummer a pair of drumsticks, and he's just going to break them in half on his china cymbal again. Teach a drummer to make his own drumsticks, though, and you'll be imparting a holiday lesson on the true value of musical craftsmanship. This handy DIY kit includes everything your favorite skin-beater needs to assemble his or her very own customized drumsticks, except for the glue.

Basically, it's a bag of wood shavings. Actually, it's literally a bag of wood shavings. It's kind of an advanced-level project, we guess, but the drummers in your life will probably still find it easier to complete than nailing the drum solo in "YYZ."

gift kiss.jpg

5. KISS Christmas Stocking

KISS' Gene Simmons may be Jewish, but you can bet your sweet bubbie that he celebrates the arrival of the Christmas buying season each year. The self-styled Demon has squeezed more dollars out of the children of the '70s than even George Lucas over the years, but here's a charming bit of KISS merch that's worth the coin.

Santa will have no choice but to fill this stocking replica of Gene's iconic dragon boots with only the best stuffers, like blood capsules, cash and Playmates. Any recipient of this gift is certain to rock and roll all (silent) night and party every (Christmas) day for years to come.

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you forgot the lungs necklace from florence and the machines website


@Megan Easely Considering how fast it sold out, I imagine we'll be seeing many more bands producing knit jumpers next Christmas.


@NathanSmith @christinalynn its on her website and all it is is a pendant necklace but seriously, who wants to wear lungs on their neck? Not me! I like florence and all but thats just weird and creepy.

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