10 Odd Musical Gift Ideas for the Last Christmas on Earth

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gift hat.jpg

8. Knit Beanie Headphones

Those funky-looking new ear-buds that come with the iPhone 5 that Santa's bringing your significant other might be better at staying inside his or her ears than the old ones, but they're still going to do precisely fuck all to keep your honey's head warm. That's where this high-tech beanie comes in.

Just plug this warm, knit cap into your favorite mobile device to listen to your latest Spotify playlist on the built-in speakers. Finally, a hat you can fill with the dulcet tones of Ke$ha's sweet, girlish voice! Anyone you give this fashion innovation to is guaranteed to love it during the winter months. If they don't, we recommend cutting them out of your life completely, because they clearly know dick about hats.

gift bieber.jpg

7. Justin Bieber's Girlfriend Perfume

To be worthy of the little drummer boy himself, Justin Bieber, ladies must smell like a freshly shampooed unicorn that's been fed nothing but lavender for the duration of its magical existence. While that particular scent can be difficult to come by outside of Canada, the Biebs has done us a solid by having his peeps put together this intoxicating fragrance just for the ladies.

Whether or not Bieber has ever been allowed to smell a real woman is debatable, but whatever your girlfriend smells like currently, it's undoubtedly worse than this. Buy it.
Sadly, there's no men's fragrance yet available from Justin because nobody anywhere wants one. Maybe next year.

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you forgot the lungs necklace from florence and the machines website


@Megan Easely Considering how fast it sold out, I imagine we'll be seeing many more bands producing knit jumpers next Christmas.


@NathanSmith @christinalynn its on her website and all it is is a pendant necklace but seriously, who wants to wear lungs on their neck? Not me! I like florence and all but thats just weird and creepy.

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