Bun B, Fat Tony, Niceguys Talk Up Houston to Vice's Noisey Blog

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"Houston has so many different looks and styles, but we're all distinctly Houston," says Bun B in Noisey's "The Backdrop -- Houston" video, which the Vice magazine music blog posted this past Friday.
Got eight minutes to kill? Of course you do; it's a Monday and you are anticipating 5 p.m. like it's nothing. You see, Noisey -- VICE magazine's pretty great hipster-music blog, which tends to pick up on a lot of different things just to be different (see having a label with Action Bronson) -- decided to document Houston hip-hop, and how it differs from everything else in the genre, as part of its "The Backdrop" series.

It's awesome, for a slew of reasons.

4. Fat Tony Is a Tour Guide
Take that into account for a second. Tony, who pretty much could do any and everything from Brooklyn rap to meta-cuts like "You Ain't Fat" takes the camera crew throughout Third Ward, King's Flea Market and elsewhere to give a history lesson on how he grew up. I'm more than certain anybody who is anybody could definitely find themselves regaling you with a tale from some jewelry they bought at the Flea Market or fun times in MacGregor Park.

When his rap career is done, Fat Tony should be a guide of Houston, he'd probably get your favorite interviewee to immediately pick up on the slang.

Noisey the Niceguys 1203.jpg
The Niceguys
3. UZOY, The Niceguys and Doughbeezy All Make Cameo Appearances
Fun fact: Only one of the three names mentioned here are actually from Houston. You can guess which one but to an extent, all of them represent Houston's diversity in one form or another. You have Dough, who has crafted enough material that it's starting to get harder and harder to craft new ink around him.

Then there's UZOY, a rapid-fire spitkicker who's maintained relevance due to creativity visually without a copious amount of new material in the last year or so. Plus, The Niceguys have this mantra 2-6-5 that isn't just tough, it's pretty much the war cry for any Houston Texan wanting to drop-kick somebody from Boston in the face. Something tells me James Kelley might own a year-end rap list or two. If it doesn't, it's a shame.

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