Rating 5 2012 EDM Crossover Attempts, Best to Worst


Muse, "The Second Law"
Eventually an actual multi-member dubstep band is going to exist. They'll write their own songs with their own drops and their own growls. Until then, we have to settle for mainstream rock acts doing their best to make the sound their own. Muse's blend of over-the-top theatricality is a weird fit for dubstep, but "The Second Law" isn't bad, just predictable. It's exactly what you'd think a Muse dubstep song would sound like.

Rihanna, "Jump"
Individually, all of the elements of this song are good. Rihanna has always had solid tracks and production. Dubstep is stupid fun to listen to. Ginuwine's "Pony" is a beloved classic. Put them in a blender and the result isn't unpleasant, but might be unnecessary. We know Rihanna likes to repurpose tracks for her own ends, but it wouldn't have hurt to wait until 2016 before giving "Pony" a new EDM look.

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