ScoreMore Stoked For Saturday's Sold-Out Kendrick Lamar Shows

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Sascha Guttfreund
RO: It seems like both venues would have some kind of non-compete clause that would prevent an artist from performing across town the same night. Was that an issue here?

SG: No that wasn't an issue because we, as the promoter, assume 10 percent of the risk for the shows. We rent Warehouse Live and House of Blues in order to produce these events... Kendrick's performances are contracted through Scoremore rather than the venue.

The issue was making sure everyone involved (venues, consumers and Kendrick) was happy -- and we worked hard to make sure that was the case. None of this is possible without the loyalty and hard work of TDE and Kendrick to ScoreMore. They make it go. We just cross T's and dot I's.

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RO: Why not just do one show at Bayou Music Center or somewhere else? Was it an availability issue?

SG: Not an availability issue, but this is a great question. The first thing is about loyalty. Warehouse Live has been very good to us - I'm very close with the owner over there - and to take away a sold-out show would have been completely out of the question.

Second is about the consumer experience. I started making calls. First three calls I make regarding anything in Houston are Bun B, DJ Mr Rogers and Teresa from SF2. They loved the idea and all gave me great advice, like always. Then I chopped it up with Mike Meegz, our Houston captain on the streets... Everyone was in.

So the issue became fulfilling the idea. We could do two shows at Warehouse, but that would have been very difficult logistically to clear out the venue and then have another 1,650 people waiting outside in line while the first show was happening. It wouldn't have felt right.

The other thing is that I've worked so hard with House of Blues and Live Nation's team here in Texas that it felt like doing one show with them would be the perfect nightcap to the evening and an incredible 2012. Two shows at two similar-sized rooms. Both great venues.

So I looked for the first weekend night that both venues had a night available; it was December 29th... And here we are!

I gotta say... People thought we were a little crazy, but again we sold out two shows a week in advance, which tells me something about how crazy our show will be in Houston with Kendrick in 2013!!!

RO: What steps are you taking to make sure that Lamar goes onstage on time at both venues?

SG: Ohhhhh that's all on the queen! Claire (@ClairellaDTrill) runs everything at our shows. Logistically she's handling the entire day... Wish her luck or hit her on Twitter.. Or something.

Kendrick Lamar performs Saturday at Warehouse Live (doors at 7 p.m.) and House of Blues (10:30 p.m.). Both shows are technically sold out, but it's the music business... there's always a way in if you're crafty enough.

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Warehouse Live

813 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX

Category: Music

House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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