Houston's Best Underground Rap Tapes of 2012, Most Assuredly (Pt. 2)

7. Killa Kyleon, Welcome To The Fish Fry
Somehow, Killa Kyleon teamed with Danger Mouse for a mixtape and the Internet did not roll up into itself from amazingness. From the opening "I Got The Power, which trades in early-2000's YMCMB flair, to the closing tink-tink-tink of the hyperaggressive "Holla At Ya Boy," Kyleon is as superheroically cool as he has ever been.


Houston's Best Underground Rap Tapes of 2012, Most Assuredly (Pt. 1)

6. Show, Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones is a gorgeously dark, imposing, unblinking album. Its most inherently exciting moments come when he shares space with Rob Gullatte, an equally moving force, but its most crucial moments come when Show peels the flesh from his own bones as he bares his existential hurt.

Show is an undeniable talent, a gifted orator who combines an overwhelming intimidation factor with just enough likability. Houston has developed its next class of street rappers (Rob Gullatte, Killa Cal-Wayne, KAB, etc); Show might be the best among them.

5. Le$, The Struggle Continues
Le$ owns a townhouse in these Best of the Year lists; he's just TOO good. He seems to know exactly what he wants to with/on every single song, floating around in a special brand of cosmic rap that magnifies his strengths while nearly erasing his weaknesses entirely. Clap for him.

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I do not believe Killa Kyleon & Danger Mouse made a mixtape together. It was just Mouse.

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