Saturday Night: Helstar at Warehouse Live

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Photos by Nathan Smith
Helstar, Sanctus Bellum, etc.
Warehouse Live
December 1, 2012

Heavy metal has long since proven to be the most virulent and drug-resistant strain of rock and roll, always seething just underground and ready to erupt into a blister the minute the mainstream's immune system weakens. There's certainly been no cure found for Helstar, the Houston power-thrash institution that closed out its 30th year in Satan's service on Saturday.

If anything, the disease appears to be spreading.

The crowd that showed up at Warehouse Live's studio room was a reminder of how easily metal has perpetuated itself over the decades. A stacked bill of five Houston bands -- including Metavenge, Axis in Collapse and Apocalyptic -- brought in an enthusiastic crowd ranging in age from mid-fifties to mid-teens. The same can't be said for most local rock shows.

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Sanctus Bellum
The last of the openers was Sactus Bellum, whose doomy, intricate riffs sent hair flying in the audience. Perhaps as a nod to the speed addictions of their fellow performers, the band highlighted some of its best galloping material, saving some of its more languid pieces for another occasion.

Most of the set was taken from The Shining Path, Sanctus' new album released earlier this year. Songs like "Epahniah" set heads banging with cruel grooves as bassist Ben Yaker's fingers flew across his strings. The twin axes of guitarists Jan Kimmel and Maurice Eggenschwiler sounded spine-tingling on the last song, "Vessel," leaving the crowd impatient for more.

Tightened and honed from its recent European tour, Helstar was fully prepared to deliver. There was a lot of happy grinning going on as the band took the stage, warmly welcomed by friends and family ready for another round of its metal assault.

The audience crowded up near the stage to pump their fists along with singer James Rivera, whose powerful, Dio-esque wailing effortlessly commanded all attention. After decades of working the circuit, Helstar still has obvious passion for what they do, particularly Rivera and bassist Jerry Abarca, who whipped his stringy hair back and forth across the stage with obvious glee.

It appears that the secret to longevity may be simply having too much fun to quit. In between thrashers, Rivera delivered the band's succinct, explicit raison d'etre after so many years in the game:

"We were raised on metal," he said. "We live and breathe metal. Through all the decades!"

The howling metal horde in attendance certainly seemed to relate. The appeal of speed and volume appeared ageless on Saturday night, with graying metal lifers whooping it up right alongside the Guitar Hero set.

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Long live Helstar! We had prior commitments but were there in spirit!

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