Grammy Snubbed: Should We Really Feel Bad for Justin Bieber and Grizzly Bear?

Totally not nominated for any Grammys.
You may have heard that the Grammy nominations were released this past week. It has some great choices from the committee, surprisingly enough. You've got nominations for extremely deserving artists such as Fiona Apple, Frank Ocean, Bjork, and Tom Waits. Even the Album of the Year award is a competition between hipster-approved bands such as The Black Keys, Fun., Jack White, and the aforementioned Ocean.

So who could possibly be upset this year? The Grammys got it right for once, mostly leaving out bullshit nominations for the latest fad of the day, right? Well, not if you're Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun and Grizzly Bear front man Ed Droste.

Those two might seem to make strange bedfellows, but they're the two biggest names complaining about the Grammys right now and it's not because they think the artists who got nominated aren't deserving per se. It's just that Braun and Droste think Bieber and Grizzly Bear are more deserving.

Ed Droste Sad Tweets.jpg
For his part, Droste went on a Tweet-spree, claiming the Grammys are based on who sells the most records and then demanding the secret of getting nominated from his friend and Clown Prince of Hipster Doofuses, Bon Iver. Bon Iver stood up for him and said "fuck you" to the Grammys. It's been a year, so he's allowed to start hating on them again.

Braun, meanwhile, went off on his own Twitter rant to congratulate Carly Rae Jepsen on her two nominations for "Call Me Maybe," before calling out the Grammy board for snubbing Justin Bieber because, according to him, Bieber earned it just as much as anyone else. JB has kept quiet on the matter himself.

Yeesh, where's Kanye West to jump onstage and tell everybody Grizzly Bear had one of the best videos of all time when you need him? I suppose Droste and Braun will have to do their own stage-crashing this year.

Grizzly Bear Shields.jpg
Shields: Totally not nominated for any Grammys either.
Anyway, I'm sure Biebs and the Grizz both worked pretty damn hard on their music and touring. And I'll cop to it, I even like "Boyfriend," although I liked it a lot better when it was any Justin Timberlake song. But should we really feel bad for these two here?

First off, how many great bands throughout history have missed out on winning Grammys? Let's just call out the big one: Led Zeppelin. And Rush has been nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance six times since 1991 and has lost every time; then they got nominated for Best Music Video Long Form and lost to the fucking Doors. Let's not even start on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame discussion either...

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Kimberly Branson
Kimberly Branson

The 60s garage bands, including Houston's own Neal Ford and the Fanatics, were all snubbed by the Grammys.

Justin Allen Norwood
Justin Allen Norwood

I think the Grammy's USE to mean something, now they are like the teen choice awards.

Justin Allen Norwood
Justin Allen Norwood

Nope. I don't feel bad at all. Grammy snubs? Patti Smith, Alanis Morissette and Garbage. Those where snubs.

Dan Binder
Dan Binder

no, because the Grammys are stupid.

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