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Martin Oldgoth
Niki Marshall: Ladies, have at least one amazing corset and a great pair of shoes. Everything else will fall into place.

Martin Oldgoth: I don't think you can consciously become a goth, goth becomes you, sneaks up on you and before you realise, you are one, try too hard and it shows. But, if I had to write a guide, it'd look like this...

1. Listen to the music. If you don't find a way to "go goth" after that forget it, you're not meant to be one. And I mean goth, post-punk, deathrock, none of this metal, industrial or dance music stuff..

2. Listen to more of the music.

3. Go to clubs and gigs, support the scene, and remember, listen to the music
I'm sick to death of people claiming that all you need is a DVD collection of vampire movies, an idiot's guide to writing poetry, something made of velvet and a Nine Inch Nails album. Back in my day blah blah blah...

Hex: I pretty much agree with Martin, just go to gigs, talk to the bands, get to know promoters and fans involved with the goth and deathrock or post-punk scenes and everything more or less flows into each other from there, nothing magical about it, no different if you're involved in related scenes such as the various punk scenes.

Jvstin Whitney: I didn't get involved in the music until I was already immersed in everything else. Insofar as canonical goth music I should say, I got pulled in via cross genre metal, but I also grew up playing Vampire: The Masquerade and reading books and such.

Morrighanne Burns: Like Drusilla, I started on the journey before music came along. Watching Hammer horror films, being taken to Whitby year after year on the annual family holiday and having slightly spooky parents. By the time Siouxsie and The Damned started showing up on the TV, I was well on my way.

For someone starting out I would advise them to read, listen and watch for a while, see if it is for them. Goth isn't an overnight transformation. It seeps into your bones little by little until you evolve into a beautiful dark moth. Vintage clothing can be found on eBay, in charity shops and can be made if you have that gift.

Goth is something that will never leave you and you'll never want to leave it. It isn't a passing phase, you'll never grow out of it, and I can't wait to be a goth hell-granny.

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