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As head of the Gothic Council, a position I take as seriously as I take being known as an expert on video-game farts, one of my jobs is aiding those who seek the spooky side of life enable the transition. Now, goth is kind of like the Judaism of subcultures. We like to keep it members-only up in here, and we will definitely deny you three times via bitchy remarks before we let you in.

That being said, some of the more awesome people I run into have actually asked me what it takes to go goth, and so I gathered the Gothic Council to ask them the best way to get started.

Joining us this week is Age of Decay festival founder Alethea Carr, blogger at Night's Plutonian Shore Drusilla Grey, author of Psychonaut Carmilla Voiez, Niki Marshall of the Braggart Family Side Circus, DJ Martin Oldgoth, Hex of the deathrock band Culture Decayed, Jvstin Witney of the Church of Melkarth, and living historian Morrighanne Burns.

Carmilla Voiez
Alethea Carr: Music. It all starts with the music. Think of it as a building: While fashion is a load-bearing wall, the foundation is the music. I suggest anyone wanting to "get into" goth lock himself in a room, listen to goth-rock and post-punk and deathrock, and then make something. Write bad poetry, make up a song, safety-pin together a skirt out of whatever he can find in the room.

Read. Ruminate. Learn what a treasure isolation and melancholy are. Then listen to more music. I recommend stewing in this broth for a good couple of years before he makes his debut into the scene! Then he not only understands goth's roots but has something individual to offer the community.

Drusilla Grey: Yes, the music. And books. They must read. Read the classics like Poe, Wilde, Dickens... Read contemporary authors like Gaiman, Pratchett, Barker, Voiez... A good knowledge of classic monster movies helps. A dark and twisted sense of humor is a must. Then sit in a room playing goth music and reading and let it seep deep into your soul.

Jef With One F: How about starting to build a look? Where to start without going broke?

Carmilla Voiez: Music first. The look should just reflect how you feel. It should be individual to the person. Charity shops are great fun and a must for building a wardrobe from nothing, in my opinion. Save the real money for boots.

With regards to the look, my advice would be to have fun. Don't try to outdo others, just enjoy it and express something about yourself.

Drusilla Grey: Building a look... It isn't something you do from specific stores... You can get gothy clothes almost anywhere. It's how you put it all together so it reflects your inner goth that makes the look. Befriending artists helps. I love ally the unique, hand made accessories that I have. And the unique art in my home.

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