Nixon Meets the King: The White House Tapes Revealed

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Forty-two years ago today, one of the trippier meetings in the annals of U.S. music and politics went down when Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll and a global icon of the youth movement, paid a friendly White House visit to President Richard Nixon, that same movement's sworn enemy.

Put bluntly, it was an odd pairing. No doubt you've probably seen the photographic proof of this meeting of the minds many times before. Though the tête-à-tête wasn't well-publicized at the time, the indelible image of the disgraced president and the lascivious hip-swiveler shaking hands and smiling has become a cherished bit of kitsch ephemera. In fact, the photo has become one of the most requested of all time at the National Archives.

What most people don't know is why the hell Elvis was at the White House in the first place. Nixon was notoriously not a fan of rock and roll, and suspicious of anyone with ties to the counterculture. So why grant audience to the King? If you guessed that drugs were involved, congratulations, you remember the '70s.

For those of us who can only imagine a universe in which it is possible for Nixon and Elvis to hang out, however, there's good news. Thanks to Nixon's hubristic tendency to tape-record practically every conversation he ever had in the White House, Rocks Off was able to get our hands on transcripts of the President's meeting with Elvis that we believe to be completely legitimate and definitely not made up completely.*

Pulitzer, here we come!

But before we unveil the mysterious conversation, a little backstory. It starts with one of Elvis' bizarre hobbies: collecting police badges. He had badges from law enforcement agencies from all over the place, but the one he really wanted was a badge from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Why? Well, according to Priscilla Presley in her memoir, Elvis believed the badge would allow him to legally enter any country strapped with guns and carrying any drug he pleased. That doesn't really sound like it would work, exactly. Then again, Elvis' reality was much different from ours.

The King scribbled out a hand-written letter to the President asking to be appointed as a federal agent and delivered it to the White House personally. Somehow, the letter wound up in the hands of Nixon aide Egil "Bud" Krogh, an Elvis fan who practically squealed with glee at the thought of getting Presley and Nixon in the same room together.

Krogh extended an invite to Presely, and the King swung by one morning. Thanks to the 100 percent real Oval Office tape transcripts we've acquired, we now know exactly how Nixon was informed:

Nixon Aide Bud Krogh: Mr. President, Elvis Presley is here to see you, sir.

Richard Nixon: Elvis Presley? The... tailback from Alabama?

BK: No, sir. He's an entertainer. A rock and roll singer. The Ed Sullivan Show, and so forth.

RN: Oh, goddamn, yes! The one with the, with the leg! Oh Jesus, tell Julie to go to her room and stay there! Lock her in! Ooh, I've read about these rock and rollers and their savage carnal appeal...

BK: He didn't come to see your daughter, sir. He came to see you. I think... I think he wants a job, Mr. President.

RN: A job? We've already got a band, Bud. Can he tune a piano?

BK: Not as an entertainer, Mr. President. I-I'm not sure what he wants, I guess, but I... believe he brought you a gun, sir.

RN: Jesus Christ, send him in!

Elvis had indeed brought the President a gun: a 1911 Colt .45, plated with gold. Elvis liked guns, and he thought they made good gifts. The one he brought to Nixon, mounted behind glass, had been plucked off the singer's own wall from his home in Los Angeles.

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@revjht @NateInHouston Funny enough, that gun is now at Graceland. Saw it last year.


@NateInHouston @revjht Oopsm it's the OUTFIT he wore to the White House at Graceland.


@NateInHouston @hprocksoff #NIxonlibrary also has a signed picture of #Elvis and Priscilla, presented to #Nixon that historic day


@hprocksoff @revjht I imagine there are many guns and outfits at Graceland that could easily become confused.

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