Does Anybody Really Care About Psy's Anti-American Rap?

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Joseph McCarthy would have had a field day with Psy.
More importantly, I don't think we take this sort of thing seriously anymore. Seventy years ago, people might have taken Psy seriously. He could have been jailed, even executed, for trumped-up charges brought up by the House Un-American Activities Committee. It happened to plenty of others at the time, who expressed sentiments less harsh than his.

But now we know that Psy is not really going to kill anyone and his sentiment, which boils down to "fuck America for all its done," is one shared by most young people in America, i.e. Psy's audience.

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Photo by Marco Torres
It's really no different than Ice-T, who rapped about killing cops. Sure, he attracted controversy, but nobody took it really seriously in the end, and now he plays a cop on TV. Or how about when Common played the White House? O'Reilly had a fit about that one, but we all know Common's lyrics aren't reality and if Obama likes Common's music, then let him play at the White House. Who cares?

And who really cares about Psy's comments? We're just going to forget about them shortly. If Psy's career takes a turn for the worse, it will only be because people got sick of his schtick, not because he said some bad things about America in 2004. Hell, we all said some bad things about America in 2004.

No, Psy's comments don't really mean anything to anyone. It's just another manufactured media controversy so right-wing commentators can squawk about a new threat to America's dignity and safety for a week.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Obvious partisan schtick.  Last time I bother with your posts.

Just remember that 70 years ago, a shitload of all of our grandparents fought and lost their lives for something that "millennium" jackasses like you  don't seem to think means anything more to you than a nintendo game.

Rethink your life, kid.


@FattyFatBastard I have nothing but respect for veterans, especially the veterans who fought in World War II. As a Jewish person, what they were fighting for means even more to me than it does to most people.That does not, however, excuse the fact that, at the very same time as people were losing their lives for a greater purpose in World War II, others were losing their lives for no reason on American soil, due to hysteria over immigrants and "radicals." My point in even bringing up that period in history is that people like Psy were killed for their thoughts and for their words. I speak of Sacco and Vanzetti, people who were killed for nothing more than the suspicion of being communists or saying negative things about America, which is well within our First Amendment rights, would you not agree?

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@CoreyDeiterman Way to back pedal, kid.  You were the one who spoke for the voice of the 20 year olds as being "dissatisfied" with the US.  What, exactly are you wanting from this country?  And have you paid attention again to what exactly this country was prior to WWII?  I have to assume you never bothered.

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