Come See My Dead Person LP Whistles Past the Boneyard

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It's not all upbeat, though, and I think it's in the Southern gothic moments that the album really rises to Heaven from a rotting corpse. Songs like "The Rose" are the kind of songs that change or ruin lives. A more hopeless set of lyrics can't be imagined than "But we're all gonna burn so it's our choice how we live our lives." The song is the musical equivalent of the silence in a car on the way home from a miscarriage. It just fucking aches all over.

Honestly, it's an almost impossible track to follow-up, but man, "End of All" pulls it off so close as to not matter. The Irish reel is at first near obscene in its liveliness after "The Rose," but, as seems to be the band's true gift, it pulls holiness out of a hat in the midst of the bloody aftermath.

What defines Come See My Dead Person best is how baldly it looks at death in its songs. She's real, personal, a little cruelly whimsical, sometimes tragic, but also something of a friend. We all hear the beating of her wings in the end, probably over the sound of our friends here tuning up.

Come See My Dead Person plays 4 p.m. Sunday, December 16 at Cactus Music, 2110 Portsmouth.

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Cactus Music

2110 Portsmouth St., Houston, TX

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