20 Essential Texas Albums From 2012

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Robert Glasper Experiment, Black Radio/Black Radio Remixed
HSPVA-educated pianist Glasper is one of the top names in New York's jazz scene, friends with the biggest players in neo-soul and conscious hip-hop, and called in a bunch of favors to make a record that could not deserve its two R&B Grammy nominations more.

Ryan Bingham, Tomorrowland
What Oscar? Bingham continues the trajectory of "Depression" from 2010's Junky Star, with densely tracked guitars, elephant-stomp drums and a faint Eastern flavor. The Jimmy Page influence is sometimes painfully obvious, as minor a sin as there could ever be.

Jesse Dayton, Jesse Sings Kinky
After Dayton portrayed Kinky Friedman in the 2011 play Becoming Kinky, an album of Friedman tunes was a no-brainer. One that slipped so effortlessly into the skin of the cigar-chomping country singer/political gadfly perhaps wasn't. Jesse for Governor?

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Where is The Departed - Adventus? Absolutely fantastic album from start to finish.

Love the Gary Clark, Jr. inclusion -- deserves every accolade he can garner.


Great to see some praise for Shearwater. Their album has been sadly missing off of many year end lists. And too bad it seems like the same fate for the even more brilliant Buxton album.


@chris.gray @jenkinshouse55 oh yeah I know they're getting deserved praise here at home, but they should be on the "big" lists. Ah well. At least they're on mine.

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