20 Essential Texas Albums From 2012

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David Ramirez, Apologies
Soulful Austin singer-songwriter spills his guts, ticking off too many cigarettes and far too many regrets while a tasteful steel guitar does the actual weeping. Ryan Adams couldn't have done any better.

Akina Adderley & the Vintage Playboys, Say Yes
As positive as its title, Say Yes brooks no bad thoughts in its relentlessly punchy blend of jazz, rock, funk and R&B. Still, the album is nothing compared to the wallop Adderly & the Vintage Playboys pack live.

Alejandro Escovedo, Big Station
Bruce Springsteen knows, but even people in Texas tend to forget just how much musical DNA Alejandro Escovedo shares with the Boss. Big Station is yet another reminder, a passionate album that is both defiant and inspirational.

Shearwater, Animal Life
Stately, immaculate album from Jonathan Meiburg's Austin crew bridges the gap between --gasp! -- indie-rock and classical hymns. Exquisite and haunting.

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Where is The Departed - Adventus? Absolutely fantastic album from start to finish.

Love the Gary Clark, Jr. inclusion -- deserves every accolade he can garner.


Great to see some praise for Shearwater. Their album has been sadly missing off of many year end lists. And too bad it seems like the same fate for the even more brilliant Buxton album.


@chris.gray @jenkinshouse55 oh yeah I know they're getting deserved praise here at home, but they should be on the "big" lists. Ah well. At least they're on mine.

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