The Best & Weirdest PR Email Subject Lines of 2012


I can't remember if this email was about a band named Casseroles, or from a restaurant that was bringing back casseroles.

Signs That I'm Trying To Break Up With You, In Order Of Increasing Intensity

How did this email get in here? I thought I told her never to email me at my work address.

PRESS RELEASE: Blind Melon Frontman To Release Debut Album (Blind Melon frontman Travis T. Warren)

Ohhhhhhh, you mean the late Shannon Hoon isn't releasing his debut solo album any time soon? I was confused for a minute there. I was scratching my head and Googling like a mad man.

DOG SHREDDER To Sear The West Coast With Dysrhythmia

'Nuff said.

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I used to be on some sort of old school mailing list for some site like KNAC or something and at somepoint they just gave up and gave the email list over to spammers but they would keep the rock headlines, only very poorly worded.  "Lim Biscuits rocking Florada fopr one and omly times!" "Ozzyman have new shows for MTV with love"

WhiteLightning topcommenter

You musta missed the one that said "Hoobastank Revises Website."

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