Dearly Departed: Bands We'll Miss Who Broke Up In 2012

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Gorillaz Jim Bricker.jpg
Photo by Jim Bricker
Gorillaz performing at Toyota Center in 2010.
Every year has its fair share of births and deaths, even when speaking of bands. They form, reform, and break up. We talk a lot about reunions, but many bands fade out and break up with barely a whisper. It's unfortunate because some of these bands were old favorites at one time.

Today we'll look back at some of the bands we lost this year. All had their reasons for breaking up, but we'll miss them regardless. For the purposes of this list, we're also including bands that went "on hiatus," as those things can last decades.

10. Chumbawamba
Chumbawamba concluded in 2012 "with neither a whimper, a bang, or a reunion," in their own words. They teased that they may do something in the future, but that it isn't very likely.

9. Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Tennessee tech-metal group TDTE ended its run with a final album this year. The band had been on their way out a few years ago, but got a last-minute revival from new guitarist Josh Travis' joining up in 2009. But Travis left this year to play in the new band Glass Cloud, so Danza called it a day once and for all.

8. Das Racist
The rap crew apparently planned to go out on a high note with a final album and tour, but couldn't hold it together long enough. They announced their unceremonious break-up in recent interviews.

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Sad to see Mars Volta and Thrice leave us, but was cool seeing Omar from Volta play with Octopus Project in Austin


Hmm...that's a surprisingly decent list.

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