Asmodeus X Reveals Trippy Sci-Fi Flashback Video

His forms have the classic lines of '50s sci fi kitsch, and also call to mind the mind-bending insanity of the early days of animated videos on MTV. Due to commitments to other projects it took more than a year for "Bright Ones" to finally be realized, and I for one am glad it was.

The cosmology of the Asmo universe, which is a very compelling read by the way, is so magically mixed up between Luciferian ideals and saint-like daemons from space.

Camacho captures these very esoteric themes with absolute precision... and apparently on accident. Fredric and he share a passion for JohnFowles psuchological illusions novel The Magus, but other than that Camacho is ignorant of the genies he so effortlessly bottled.

"To be honest, I don't know much about Asmo's history," says Camacho. "At first glance -- or on first hearing "Bright Ones" -- I was reminded of the theme in Peter Gabriel's "Salisbury Hill." Someone confronted with the choice of leaving everything behind in favor of living among extra-terrestrials."

One thing is for certain: If this partnership continues then Camacho is going to know first-hand what leaving being Earth to dwell with mysterious forces beyond the world feels like. Check it out below.

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