6 Ancient Classic Rockers You Didn't Know Put Out Music In 2012

Pat Travers Blues on Fire.jpg
2. Pat Travers, Blues on Fire

Remembered For: "Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)" and the fact that one time Kirk Hammett of Metallica cited him as an influence, which is now a permanent fixture of every single Pat Travers bio ever written.

New Album: Blues on Fire is apparently a collection of blues standards, some of which go back to the 1920s. It's also promoted as having "full-on classic rock production," which I assume is supposed to impress me.

Is It Good?: If you own a bar in Texas, yeah. This is pretty standard stuff, but Travers can definitely play the guitar. I wouldn't mind hearing this over a beer somewhere. Then again, there's probably a hundred local guys in the South who make blues records a lot better than this one these days.

Ringo 2012.jpg
1. Ringo Starr, Ringo 2012
Remembered For: "Photograph," "No No Song" and "You're Sixteen." Also he used to be in some band, but I don't remember the name.

New Album: Lazily titled Ringo 2012, this one features a lot of guest stars at least: Joe Walsh, Don Was, Van Dyke Parks, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd all show up here. It also notably features some re-recordings of older songs including lead single "Wings," which originally showed up on 1977's Ringo the 4th. And while you might say, "who could forget about Ringo Starr?," just admit it to yourself: You don't pay attention to when Ringo releases new albums. Nobody does.

Is It Good?: Oh my, no. First off, Ringo could never really sing to begin with. With age, his voice is even more deadpan and flat. Second, Ringo could never really write a song.

Here, all but one song is co-written for him, but each is by a different writer so the album has absolutely no coherence or consistency. He also apparently didn't feel like paying for good songwriters, so he gets matched up with lame '60s and '70s throwbacks.

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