6 Ancient Classic Rockers You Didn't Know Put Out Music In 2012

Asia XXX.jpg
4. Asia, XXX

Remembered For: "Heat of the Moment," and being the exact moment we realized prog rock was dead forever. Asia featured some of the best and the brightest of all our favorite prog-rock bands, and proceeded to stick the knife in the genre over and over again while we looked on and cried.

New Album: XXX, the most difficult album to Google in the world. Seriously, type "Asia XXX" in Google. You're not getting any results about John Wetton, Steve Howe, or Geoff Downes, I assure you.

Is It Good?: In case you couldn't tell, I have a personal vendetta against Asia so I may not be the most qualified to comment here. But I will anyway. Fuck no, it's not good. Like everyone else on this list, Asia isn't aware the '80s ended either. Shocking, I know. Although it strangely sounds like they have been listening to some Coldplay in recent years in the chorus of "Face on the Bridge," the single from XXX,. Anyway, the only thing sadder than this song is the way the band looks in the video, like they've clearly given up on their appearance entirely.

3. Trevor Rabin, Jacaranda

Remembered For: Rabin was the guitar player for Yes on 90125, which gave the world "Owner of a Lonely Heart." He also played on all the awful dreck that followed that album, but let's not talk about Big Generator now or ever again, deal?

New Album: Jacaranda, an instrumental jazz-fusion release that represents Rabin's first solo material since 1989. It also features the inestimable Zappa alum Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, so that counts for something. Rabin plays almost every other instrument on the album himself.

Is It Good?: Surprisingly, yes. Your mileage may vary depending on how much you enjoy progressive rock and jazz fusion, but Rabin is exceptionally talented, as are his collaborators on the record, and it's a no-bullshit album that makes no effort to have "hits." It's just pure musicality, which is what you want from guys like these.

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