5 More Christmas Songs by Houston Artists (and the Butthole Surfers)

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2. dUg Pinnick, "Little Drummer Boy"
From the album We Wish You a Metal Xmas, Doug Pinnick recorded "Little Drummer Boy" with George Lynch and Billy Sheehan. (Billy Sheehan was the guy with the sweet mullet in David Lee Roth's first solo band!) it really sounds like Kings X to me, and it's a really good song choice for Doug. Oh my God, I sound like people who watch American Idol now, don't I? Song choice? Arghh! Doug Pinnick rules and "Little Drummer Boy" rules, too. [Others' opinion of Pinnick's "Little Drummer Boy" aren't quite as... charitable -- ed.] The whole album rules, because the next song on the album is....

1. Billy Gibbons, Lemmy Kilmister & Dave Grohl, "Run Rudolph Run"
Lemmy sings here, so if you listen to Sunny 99.1 FM like Craig H. does, this will rattle your skull -- in a bad way. But I like the way he sings like he has emphysema and it's his dying breath. He sounds like he's having his lungs drained while he's singing the song, and I like it.

I like the way Dave Grohl abuses drum kits, and I've lived in Texas long enough that I don't even try to resist Billy Gibbons' guitars. This is the song made famous by Chuck Berry and made more famous by Home Alone. Keith Richards also recorded it. Neither of those two men are from Houston, but Billy Gibbons is. God bless Billy Gibbons.

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