5 Guitarists Who Got Started on Christmas Presents

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Odds are those of you reading this are music fans, and if not, congratulations on having been driven here by reading everything else online! It's also possible that you're musicians yourselves, and since any instrument besides your voice, hand claps, and armpit farts is generally a major purchase, I'll bet at some point an instrument or an accessory to an instrument was wrapped underneath your Christmas tree.

The thing is you're not alone at all. Many of the greatest guitar players in the industry began just as the rest of us did, by having mom or dad shell out some dough for a high-end toy that in all likelihood would be forgotten by Easter. The difference is of course they kept up with it and now they're famous.

Who owes their career to a willingness by parents to brave a music store during the holiday shopping season? Well...

5. Alex Lifeson:
On the Rolling Stone list of 100 greatest guitarists, Rush's Alex Lifeson comes in at No. 98. He is a founding member of the group and currently uses custom-made Les Pauls, but back in the day as a kid, he was actually a violist. He abandoned the instrument when his father gave him a six-string Kent classical guitar for Christmas.

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Photo by Adriano Agulló
4. Jerry Only, The Misfits
Only is best-known for his bass work with the Misfits, though he does occasionally play the guitar as well. He was 18 years old when his family gifted him with his first bass.

Two months of practice later, he was apparently good enough for Glenn Danzig to replace Diane DiPiazza with him in the Misfits. I'd make a simplistic bass player joke here, but I've met Only and he is a man I definitely don't want mad at me.

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@rushisaband @hprocksoff Shows you what discipline and determination will do for you, too. Knew what he wanted to do, and did it. :)

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