5 Better Places to Hide If You're Stalking Lady Gaga

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Photo by Marco Torres
Most likely you were at home with your family on Thanksgiving, watching the game and stuffing your face. But if you were a completely psychotic "Little Monster," you might have preferred to spend that time with 35 others camped out in the garage of Lady Gaga's mansion.

Yes, boys and girls, some 35 people were crazy enough to spend their Thanksgiving hiding out there, presumably eating bags of Cheetos and waiting for a sighting of Gaga. If only she hadn't caught them while idly looking at her security cameras in the midst of a nude feast. I'm not even making that part up.

Obviously these 30 people were obsessive and out of their minds, although Gaga took it in stride, but I take issue with the fact that they're not even good at being obsessed and out of their minds. I mean, the garage? What, did they think Lady Gaga was going to come down to take a drive on Thanksgiving? Where would she even go? Everything would be closed!

I'm not a deranged stalker of pop stars, but if I were, I'd like to give these people some tips on a few better places I can think of to hide out in what must be a vast mansion full of perfect places to wait for her. Like OJ Simpson before me, this is, of course, a purely hypothetical account because this is all highly illegal and completely insane.

Lady Gaga's Hedge Maze.jpg
Photo via Wikipedia.org
What Lady Gaga's garden looks like in my mind.
5. The Bushes
OK,, come on, any stalker or peeping tom knows that the bushes are the best place to position yourself to spy on your object of fanatical obsession. Sure, it's obvious and old hat, but cliches are cliches for a reason.

I like to imagine Gaga has one of those massive gardens with a hedge maze and plant sculptures, which would be an idyllic place to go walking on a beautiful autumn Thanksgiving Day. If you positioned yourself there, not only are you hidden from the view of most anyone, but where is she going to go? She's in the middle of a maze! She'll have to stay to sign all your merch and answer your weird questions!

It's sort of like this.
4. Her Wardrobe Closet
It may take some doing to get in here, but if you've done your homework enough to find out where Gaga lives and how to get into her garage, it really shouldn't be that complicated to get into what I'm sure would appear to be a clothing department store to anyone who hasn't sold a platinum record. Even better that she admitted to being in the nude when she caught the stalkers: She was going to have to come in here to get dressed at some point, and that's when you could accost her with your bizarre requests!

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lol what a shame. im from Houston. and I am in fact, a gaga fan. and I can tell you did little hw. ok so this was in Peru...they don't celebrate Thanksgiving...your argument is already irrelevant. she doesn't own a home, I know huh, you would think she would have a lavish mansion like you stated. but she doesn't. with all the touring and being back and forth, she hasn't made the investment yet instead crashed at her parents apt when she goes to ny. she rented that house in Peru to have a Thanksgiving gathering with family and friends that she flew in. fans found out where she was and decided to go in hopes to get a picture, autograph, etc. I would of done the same. so my question is, are you a journalist? i've concluded you're not. but if you are,.....well let me not say something to offensive, just do you're hw next time you want to ridicule. as for me, you can just call me a gaga "stalker" or fan, super fan. your call :)

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