With Andrew WK Out, Who Can Bring the Party to the Middle East Now?

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2. Diddy
Diddy Marco Torres.jpg
Photo by Marco Torres
Diddy is the ultimate celebrity party-er. It's questionable if he goes as hard as Andrew WK does, but one thing Diddy does have is class and style. A Diddy party is lower-key than an Andrew WK party, but yet it's far sexier and, dare I say it, debonaire. If the State Department requires a party that will still be epic but not quite such a raucous mess, they might look to Diddy instead.

1. Keith Richards

Keith Richards Talk Is Cheap.jpg
Here's the deal, Keef has partied harder than anyone has any right to while still being alive. He's probably seen things that would even make Andrew WK blush. Enlisting Richards would be like dropping a tactical nuke of partying into Bahrain.

It would be the party to end all parties, and probably could only be rivaled if this were the 1960s Keith Richards we were sending in. Even at his diminished present-day partying capacity, it's unlikely anyone would make it out of this party alive except for Mr. Richards himself. But no one would care, because everyone would go out with smiles frozen on their faces.

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@hprocksoff no one. Only @AndrewWK could.


@hprocksoff @AndrewWK B LA C K I E All Caps With Spaces. Send them video of him wearing the flag and I'm sure he could get by their censors

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