Vince DeFranco: How Long Before People Make Music With Their Minds?

RO: So what would you say to musical purists who might claim the use of these technologies is "cheating"?

VD: That relative sort of view will continue no matter what the current level of technology is. There was also a day when a piano was considered new technology, and hey, if you just played the white keys or just the black keys you'd always be in key.

Any tool could be used to "cheat" if the cheating type were to operate it. But a piano certainly is something to be excited about from a musician's point of view and I would hope that new musical technologies continue to be embraced in a similar manner.

RO: What do you see as the greatest benefit of these emerging technologies?

VD: The greatest benefit will be the release of years of untapped expression pent up within people. Inhibitions and boundaries will drop partly because of new technologies. Big things will be unlocked in a lot of minds that hadn't previously been able to fight through themselves.

There will be a new freedom of expression, because more creative thoughts will be translated and expressed from deep within more peoples' psyches thanks to new technologies.

RO: What would your advice be for anyone interested in getting involved with the technical side of music and designing their own future instruments?

VD: Absorb what you can about what you love. Develop as much understanding of the basic physical components which make up everything around you. Musical instruments are at the intersection of art and engineering, with physics and abstraction defining a relationship between them and humans.

Try to maintain a balance between the hemispheres of your brain, so you don't accidentally filter out an experience which may inspire you to create something not yet imagined.

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