Justin, Selena and Music's Top 10 Heartbreaking Split-Ups

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1. Fleetwood Mac
Has there ever been a band that was wracked by as much insane relationship drama as Fleetwood Mac? In a word, no. Built on the songwriting chops of two couples in John and Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, the group's super-smash Rumours was inspired by the pain of those relationships' spectacular, drug-fueled flameouts, as well as drummer Mick Fleetwood's divorce during the same period.

Happily for the rest of us, the band's famous disunion produced some indelible music. After achieving varying degrees of solo success in the '80s, the band members found a way to put aside all of the dischord and pulled together for a couple of mega-successful reunions. Although John McVie's passing and Christine's retirement may have put a damper on future touring prospects, Fleetwood Mac has certainly soldiered on through difficult circumstances before.

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John McVie didn't die. He is still alive and well

MadMac topcommenter

In fairness, Entwhistle was a better bassest in a better band. Just saying. @NathanSmith @christinalynn


 @MadMac No kiddin,' although I like Mac. Obviously, I'd subconsciously prefer to swap him for the Ox any day. 

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