Justin, Selena and Music's Top 10 Heartbreaking Split-Ups

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5. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez
lopez anthony.jpg
OK, so maybe this one wasn't a total shocker. Jennifer Lopez has been married three times already, and let's not forget her broken engagement to Ben Affleck. Still, fellow Latin superstar Marc Anthony seemed like a good match for the bootylicious diva, but the demands and distractions of their separate careers took their toll. After siring twins, the couple divorced.

Still, it's tough to imagine these two being alone forever. Does anyone really see J.Lo opting not to roll the dice a fourth time at some point? As for Marc Anthony... something tells us he gon' be aight.

4. Rihanna and Chris Brown
Back in 2009, Chris Brown and Rihanna seemed destined to become hip-pop's latest power couple. Then, uh, some stuff happened. Unless you just now got an Internet connection, you've seen the photos. Brown pled guilty to felony assault after basically beating the shit out of the Barbadian beauty the same week she was to perform at the 51st Grammy Awards.

In what can be seen as either uplifting proof that people can heal or forgive or as a disheartening example of Battered Woman Syndrome, Rihanna appears to have moved on from the ugly breakup and rekindled her friendship with Brown, if not her romance. If she can forgive him, can't we?

Sure, we could. But we ain't planning on it.

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John McVie didn't die. He is still alive and well

MadMac topcommenter

In fairness, Entwhistle was a better bassest in a better band. Just saying. @NathanSmith @christinalynn


 @MadMac No kiddin,' although I like Mac. Obviously, I'd subconsciously prefer to swap him for the Ox any day. 

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