The Most Depressingly Brilliant Video You'll Watch In Your Tiny, Useless Life

Bunnyhospital Nov6.jpg
RO: "Why is he sad?" (This came at the very beginning of the video, when he was watching that first bunny -- his dad?-- in the hospital bed.)

DG: People are usually sad when other people die. Unless that other person is bad, like Hitler. Sometimes people are secretly happy when other people die, but usually only Republicans.

RO: "Is that his dad? Is he dead? Are you going to die?" (Thanks for that, by the way.)

DG: That's his wife. Jeez, kid. Let's see you draw a dying female bunny. And yes, your dad is going to die and so am I, unless they come up with some pretty awesome technology in the next 50 years and turn us into robots.

RO: "It's too funny. Why is that koala wearing sunglasses." (From the wedding scene.)

DG: That's a Kanye Koala. They're known for eating shoots and leaves, interrupting people and having enormous egos.

RO: "Why did he slam his face on the table." (While he was drinking at the bunny bar.)

DG: He drank too much grown-up juice. You know how kid juice makes you have a lot of energy? Grown-up juice does the opposite.

RO: "Is that [the gang of black wolf demons] what his dad got ate by?"

DG: Yup.

RO: "DID HE BITE HER?!" (Black wolf demons vs. bunny in bed.)

DG: Big time.

RO: "GO BACK DOWN!" (Not a question, but a good sense of how he was feeling watching girl bunny float to the heavens.)

DG: That's deep, kid. Sometimes that happens in movies when they pull out the shocker things and yell CLEAR, but usually not in real life.

RO: "WHY WON'T SHE EVER GO BACK DOWN!?" (I mean, c'mon.)

DG: Because they're married.

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Aaron Echegaray
Aaron Echegaray

Heartbreakingly strong . . . everyone should see this.

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