5 SXSW Keynote Speakers Who Would Be More Fun Than Dave Grohl

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1. Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Love and Theft.jpg
This could potentially be amazing if we could understand a word he says. Dylan's words of wisdom in recent years have been just as cynical and entertaining as they always have. If you read his recent interview in Rolling Stone and then watch No Direction Home, he's the same old Bob. Still bitter, still salty, just now an old and grizzled veteran.

He may not have many insights into the record industry. After all, this is a guy who for the most part still seems to rely on the tried and true way of releasing music. But even if he just spoke on songwriting for an hour and a half or so, I think we'd all be elated to hear whatever he has to say.

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Robert Medlin
Robert Medlin

Yeah let's just all be glad it isn't Morrissey & move along...

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