Saturday Night: Converge at Fitzgerald's

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Photos by Nathan Smith
November 3, 2012

A friend asked me recently, after hearing the new Converge album All We Love We Leave Behind, if I thought that singer Jacob Bannon was ready to hang it up. I replied no and that I felt like All We Love actually proved just how vital Converge is today.

But the real test, of course, is the live show. Anyone can fake it in the studio, but for Bannon and crew to bring the same intensity live is the true challenge. So I'm happy to report that, at least at Fitzgerald's on Saturday night, Converge was alive and well and kicking hard.

In particular, I've never seen Bannon himself looking healthier, happier, or more at home onstage. While the rest of the band have always been soldiers for hardcore, Bannon has often appeared as the tortured-martyr artist.

He's cried onstage and broken down while performing songs about the pain lost love has put him through. He's screamed until he lost his voice by the end of the night. He's looked as though touring and depression have worn him down to being too thin, too stressed. On Saturday, he looked and sounded like a new man.

"This is a peaceful show," Bannon replied to a fan complaining about being pushed, forcing the band to stop in the middle of "Heartless." The obvious answer would have been to tell the fan to stay out of the pit. But a refreshed Bannon simply expressed to him that everyone was here to have a good time, not to hurt anyone.

During the songs, Bannon was all smiles, even despite some technical problems. He thanked fans in between songs and continually expressed a message of hope, a far cry from the tortured Bannon seen in years past. Most importantly, his screams remained unabated throughout the Converge's entire set.

This is of particular note because Converge is playing one of their most intense sets yet. At 21 songs, it's a much longer selection of music than most hardcore bands would dare to attempt. And most of all, they're managing to keep up with it.

Never once did anyone in the band appear to be exhausted from it, not even Bannon. His screams never wavered throughout the night.

One might want to ask him how he does it, considering his age and that just a few years ago he was consistently losing his voice by the end of a shorter set.

That 21-song set list is a career-spanner. Given that Converge has been going for 20 years now, they have a lot of material to cover and a lot of fans to please. Beefing up the set was almost a necessity at this point.

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Hope to see Kvelertak back in town soon. Great opening set.

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